How to Increase Fuel Efficiency and Get More for Your Money

increase fuel efficiency

Mitsubishi takes pride in offering efficient, affordable vehicles. No matter which model you have, no matter what year, you can almost always find ways to increase fuel efficiency even more with some basic changes to your driving and commuting habits.

Accelerate and Brake Slowly

Sure, it can be fun to step on the gas when given the opportunity. But is it efficient? Not so much. Accelerating swiftly is a sure way to use up gas faster than needed, and the same goes for braking suddenly. If you can become more gradual in the way that you stop and go, you’ll find yourself headed to the pump less often.

Clean Your Car

The more weight your car is carrying, the more it has to work to accelerate, which means the more fuel it is using per mile. Remove large items from the trunk or the back seat to decrease weight and increase fuel efficiency. You’ll want to leave important stuff like tools and spare tires, but otherwise you’ll do well to cut as much unnecessary weight as you can.

Get Oil Changes

Engine oil lubricates the engine and its parts, so that they can work smoothly and efficiently. Older and dirtier oil means that your engine is working harder to operate and thus less efficient. Stop into Mountaineer Mitsubishi for your regularly scheduled service and do your part to boost your fuel economy. If you’re in the market for a vehicle that gets great gas mileage at a low price, look no further than the selection of efficient vehicles right here at Mountaineer Mitsubishi.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Car: Five Must-Dos

spring cleaning for your car

The start of spring presents an opportunity to tidy up your surroundings, from your yard to your closet. It’s also a great time to clean up your car, and with these tips, spring cleaning for your car will net some positive results.

  1. Remove Refuse. Take a garbage can out to the driveway with you and clear out every nook and cranny of your vehicle. Leave no gum wrapper or dried-out leaf behind.
  2. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum. Get rid of dust, debris, and allergens with a deep-cleansing vacuum session. Don’t stop at the surface: Make sure you’re removing the floor mats and vacuuming underneath them.
  3. De-Junk Your Trunk. Driving around with excess cargo isn’t just stressful when you’re trying to find space for all your groceries — it can be a drain on your fuel efficiency as well. Now’s the time to take out all that extra gear you left in the trunk or storage area over the wintertime.
  4. Wax On and On and On. Waxing has short- and long-term benefits. In the short-term, you’re turning heads with a shiny, sleek vehicle. In the long-term, you’re protecting your vehicle’s paint job, which is the first thing a potential buyer will notice.
  5. Replace Wipers. Wiper blades earn their retirement during the long winter spent combating snow, sleet, ice, and everything else West Virginia’s weather wants to throw at them. Get new ones and increase your visibility during the next downpour.

For all your spring maintenance needs, stop into Mountaineer Mitsubishi and we’ll make sure you’re all squared away.

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How to Protect Your Car from Road Salt

Protect Your Car from Road Salt | Beckley, WV

When you live in a place like West Virginia, you can bet you’ll be driving through plenty of snow and road salt in the wintertime. It might seem silly to wash your car in winter, but it’s actually one of the most important steps to protect your car from road salt and the rust that it can cause.

Wash your car regularly

In order to remove road salt from your car as efficiently as possible, you should wash your car after every major snow or ice storm. Be sure to spray the undercarriage, where snow, ice, and road salt can build up and cause corrosion. Try to wash your car during the day, or whenever it’s over 40 degrees, so that it can dry before temperatures drop below freezing. After you have washed your car, open and close all doors in order to prevent locks and latches from freezing shut.

Wax Your Car Twice a Year

You can take an extra step towards protecting your car from road salt by applying wax twice a year. Wax offers a protective layer that keeps debris and road salt from chipping the paint, which is part of what can cause corrosive damage to a vehicle.

To keep your vehicle in tip-top shape year round, count on Mountaineer Mitsubishi for all your maintenance and service needs.

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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Car Lovers

Valentine’s Day ideas for car lovers

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and that means you’ll need to start making plans! If you or your partner are car-lovers, we have some perfect ideas for how to spend Valentine’s Day.

Car-themed gaming night or movie marathon

If your significant other loves the thrill of racing, get them the latest racing title available for their console or PC and a steering wheel controller setup. Then, spend your Valentine’s Day together racing one another or trying to grab the top lap time. You can even incentivize by having the loser pay for your nice dinner out.

If you want something a bit more chill, line up an evening’s worth of your favorite car-themed movies. From classics like Bullitt and The French Connection to today’s Fast and Furious franchise, there’ll be plenty of action to go around.

Take a daytrip

If there’s no place you’d rather be than in your car, then use Valentine’s Day as an excuse for a daytrip. There are tons of attractions within a couple hours of Beckley that would be perfect date ideas, from the Lost World Caverns to the Appalachian Distillery.

Find your perfect (automobile) match

If you’re looking for a new car, why not look on Valentine’s Day? Come down to Mountaineer Mitsubishi to take a test drive and find your perfect fit. We’ve got everything from the affordable and stylish Mirage to the fun-to-drive Eclipse Cross.

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Named 2019 Green SUV of the Year

2019 Green SUV of the Year

On Nov. 29 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the MitsubishiOutlander Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle was honored with the prestigious 2019 Green SUV of the Year™ award. The Outlander PHEV came out on top against thecompetition thanks to its unparalleled environmental performance andaffordability. The Outlander PHEV is the world’s best-selling plug-in hybridSUV, and its popularity is only growing.

“Today’s SUV buyers increasingly want to drive moreefficiently and with lower environmental impact, without giving up the style,convenience, and overall driving experience expected of a sport utilityvehicle,” saidRon Cogan, editor and publisher of Green Car Journal “Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV meets these needs in abig way with its innovative series-parallel plug-in hybrid powertrain,all-electric driving capability, and exceptional SUV functionality. It hasclearly earned its distinction as the 2019 Green SUV of the Year™.”

To determine the winners of the awards, the editors and auto experts at Green Car Journal consider vehicles’ environmental impact alongside their general features, including “style, convenience, and overall driving experience.” In the SUV category, the Outlander PHEV proved unbeatable across the board, offering smooth electric efficiency, desirable SUV capability, and a price that consumers could afford.

The 2018 Outlander PHEV features an innovative powertrain system that pairs a gas engine with twin electric motors. The vehicle delivers an all-electric driving range of 22 miles and 74 MPGe, guaranteeing smart efficiency wherever you travel.* To increase your traction and stability in all weather conditions and on any road, the Outlander PHEV comes with standard Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC), creating a confident and agile ride.

Come in to Mountaineer Mitsubishi and experience thestylish, fun-to-drive, and award-winning Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

* EPA estimated 74 MPGe (Miles Per Gallon equivalent) combined. Actual mileage may vary.

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Safe Driving Tips for Fall

Safe Driving Tips

Autumn brings breathtaking foliage and cooler temperatures, as well as more challenging driving conditions. Consider these safe driving tips to improve your safety on the road this season.

Beware of glare

The sun shifts closer to the horizon during fall, which can increase sun glare. Make sure to have sunglasses in your vehicle to help combat this challenge. Additionally, make sure to keep your windshield clean to further enhance visibility.

Go slow on wet roads

Fall rains mean puddles and wet leaves on the asphalt. Watch out for these hazards and lower your driving speed when necessary. On rainy days, try driving in the tracks of the vehicle ahead of you to increase your own vehicle’s traction.

Maintain your tires

Investigate your tires to make sure they have sufficient tread so they can grip slick roads. You’ll also want to monitor tire inflation as well. Keeping the tires properly inflated will help prevent a blowout.

Look out for critters

According to the IIHS, drivers are 3.5 times more likely to hit an animal in November — especially deer. So be extra cautious when driving on dark roads at night or during the dim hours of early morning, which is when many wild animals are most active.

Contact us at Mountaineer Mitsubishi if you’re in need of a new vehicle. We can also schedule an appointment to install new tires on your current vehicle to help ensure your family’s safe travels and make sure that you are up to date on other important autumn maintenance needs.

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Mitsubishi and The Asher House Team Up to Help to Find Homes for Dogs

Mitsubishi and The Asher House

Americans treat their pets like one of the family, but there are thousands and thousands of animals living in shelters across the country in desperate need of a loving home. Mitsubishi and The Asher House have joined forces to help find families for many of these animals.

The Asher House is an organization started by Lee Asher. His passion for finding homes for shelter dogs led him to quit his job in 2017 and dedicate himself fully to the cause. He raised money to purchase an RV and started travelling across the country to host adoption events. To date, Asher has found loving homes for 146 dogs. To help him and his team with their mission, Mitsubishi gave The Asher House a new 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

Mark Chaffin, chief operating officer, MMNA, said, “Lee started with a passion when he created The Asher House and it has become a movement to help raise awareness for rescue animals and shelters across the country; Asher’s bold decision to take action on his ambition is admirable and we’re privileged to be able to help support his mission.”

Along with donating the Eclipse Cross, Mitsubishi will also provide support for local rescue events and gatherings. Asher will use the Eclipse Cross to drive him and his team, which includes six dogs, to many of these events.

If you are in the market for a pet-friendly ride, check out the Mitusibishi Outlander, Outlander Sport, or Eclipse Cross, available to test-drive at Mountaineer Mitsubishi.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

Important Fall Car Care Tips

fall car care tips

Now that the leaves have started to change and there is slight chill in the air, fall is officially on its way. This means it is time to prepare your car for the cold with some fall car care. Read the tips below to get your car ready for the season ahead.

Tires. Your tires are one of the most important parts on your car. Make sure they are in good condition with regular inspections. Look for signs of wear like uneven tread, tread that is too shallow, or bulges in the sidewall. You also need to check the tire pressure to ensure that it is up to the levels suggested in your owner’s manual

Brakes. If your brakes are too worn down, it can become difficult to stop suddenly, and especially when the ground is slick or covered with wet leaves. It can also cause additional damage to the brake rotors, which leads to more costly repairs down the line. Take care of your brakes now and save yourself a major headache.

Battery. A weak battery can fail when the temperatures start to drop. Have your battery tested to make sure it has enough power to make it through the cold. If you haven’t had a replacement in about five years or so, you are quite likely due for an upgrade.

Oil change. If you have neglected your oil changes, get your car back on track. You can schedule an appointment with us here at Mountaineer Mitsubishi. We can catch you up on all of your car’s routine maintenance. Check your owner’s manual to see what you need to do and when.

All of this and more can be done quickly and easily at Mountaineer Mitsubishi. Call us and schedule your next appointment.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

Sightseeing and Fun in Charleston

Sightseeing and Fun in Charleston

If you’re too busy for a tropical vacation this summer, there’s nothing stopping you from loading up the family and taking a day trip to one of the many fun and engaging sightseeing locations in West Virginia.

In a little over an hour’s time, you can drive the 60 miles from Beckley to Charleston to explore all that it has to offer, including its museums, ballparks, and nearby natural beauty. Here are just a few:

Avampato Discovery Center

As part of the 24,000-square-foot Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of West Virginia, the Discovery Center is two floors of highly interactive exhibits in science, health, music, culture and more that are family-friendly and super fun.

Kanawha State Forest

Just ten minutes from downtown Charleston, the Kanawha State Forest is a 9,300-acre recreational area with facilities for camping, hiking, fishing, biking, cross-country skiing, and much more.

Shoney’s Big Boy Museum

Located just off the Kanawha Riverfront is a museum dedicated to all things Shoney’s Big Boy. Marking the spot of the first Shoney’s restaurant, the museum commemorates the founding of the eatery and the origin of the legendary Big Boy mascot.

There’s plenty more to see and do in Charleston, but there’s one right way to get there: in a slick new ride from Mountaineer Mitsubishi.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather

How to Take the Perfect Test Drive

How to Take the Perfect Test Drive

Even today in the information age, the test drive is an essential step in the process of buying a new vehicle. No matter how much research you do, it is impossible to truly know if a car is right for you until you get behind the wheel. Even so, 16 percent of car buyers do not test drive a vehicle before they purchase it, which is a recipe for dissatisfaction. Don’t make that mistake — follow these tips and take the perfect test drive:

Don’t check for quality

News flash: a new car doesn’t make it to the sales floor unless it works. That sounds obvious enough, but one of the biggest misconceptions about test drives is that they’re a safeguard against buying a lemon. Instead of listening for clanks and clunks, pay attention to how the car feels. If you’re buying a new Mitsubishi, you’re protected by a 10-year/100,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty, so you won’t have all that much to worry about if something does go awry down the line.

Don’t joy ride

Sure, it might be fun to find a country lane and test how fast it can get up to 60 mph, but is that a practical use of your time? A test drive should mimic your typical driving experience as closely as possible. Instead of doing donuts in the mall parking lot, you should drive toward your kid’s school, toward the office, or toward home. On the way, change lanes, check your blind spots, and find a stretch of curb to try a parallel park. Our sales associates will certainly thank you for being less of a daredevil.

Remember that accessories matter

Some factors are more important than others: gas mileage, safety features, drivetrain, and so on. But don’t ignore accessories — they are the features of the car that you will probably interact with most. If you don’t like the seats, the infotainment screen feels awkward, or the overhead light is too bright, that’s something you’ll want to consider in your final purchase. On your test drive, be sure to twist every knob, flick every switch, and experience the full complement of seat positions, hands-free features, and Bluetooth® capabilities.

There’s no better way to experience a vehicle’s capabilities than a test drive. Take yours at Mountaineer Mitsubishi!

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