Tips for Camping Out in Your Mitsubishi SUV

Camping out in your Mitsubishi SUV - Mountaineer Mitsubishi - Beckley, WV

Overnighting under the stars is a great way to take immerse yourself in the natural beauty of West Virginia. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, Outlander, and Outlander PHEV make excellent camping companions thanks to available Super All-Wheel Control technology, which empowers you to tackle rough, slippery, and mushy back roads with stability and grace. If you’d like to use your Mitsubishi SUV to enjoy a weekend away or a night out under the stars, these simple tips for camping out will help you make the most of your experience.

If it’s just you and your partner, invest in an inflatable mattress that you can place in your Mitsubishi SUV once you collapse the back seats. If you need a bit more sleeping space to accommodate a few family members or friends, you can purchase tents that attach to and extend from the liftgate. Or buy a rooftop-style tent that fastens to the top of the vehicle, if you prefer to sleep above ground-level (and a bit farther from any critters that wander the campsite at night).

Sleep with the vehicle windows open, for ventilation. And consider getting some camping screens designed to fit over your Mitsubishi SUV’s windows, to keep the bugs at bay.

A rooftop cargo carrier or set of roof racks will increase your Mitsubishi’s storage capacity on camping trips. That way, you can pack extra bedding, fishing gear, or cooking supplies on top of your SUV to free up space in the cargo area.

For food storage, invest in a car cooler that you can plug into your auxiliary outlet. A portable grill is another useful thing to bring along so you can enjoy some fresh-cooked barbecue and veggies on your next overnight in the great outdoors.

Not sure what camping accessories would be best for your Eclipse Cross, Outlander, or Outlander PHEV? Give us a call at Mountaineer Mitsubishi. We’ll help you pick the right add-ons to elevate your outdoorsy adventures in Beckley and beyond. 

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