How to Protect Your Car from Road Salt

Protect Your Car from Road Salt | Beckley, WV

When you live in a place like West Virginia, you can bet you’ll be driving through plenty of snow and road salt in the wintertime. It might seem silly to wash your car in winter, but it’s actually one of the most important steps to protect your car from road salt and the rust that it can cause.

Wash your car regularly

In order to remove road salt from your car as efficiently as possible, you should wash your car after every major snow or ice storm. Be sure to spray the undercarriage, where snow, ice, and road salt can build up and cause corrosion. Try to wash your car during the day, or whenever it’s over 40 degrees, so that it can dry before temperatures drop below freezing. After you have washed your car, open and close all doors in order to prevent locks and latches from freezing shut.

Wax Your Car Twice a Year

You can take an extra step towards protecting your car from road salt by applying wax twice a year. Wax offers a protective layer that keeps debris and road salt from chipping the paint, which is part of what can cause corrosive damage to a vehicle.

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