Safe Driving Tips for Fall

Safe Driving Tips

Autumn brings breathtaking foliage and cooler temperatures, as well as more challenging driving conditions. Consider these safe driving tips to improve your safety on the road this season.

Beware of glare

The sun shifts closer to the horizon during fall, which can increase sun glare. Make sure to have sunglasses in your vehicle to help combat this challenge. Additionally, make sure to keep your windshield clean to further enhance visibility.

Go slow on wet roads

Fall rains mean puddles and wet leaves on the asphalt. Watch out for these hazards and lower your driving speed when necessary. On rainy days, try driving in the tracks of the vehicle ahead of you to increase your own vehicle’s traction.

Maintain your tires

Investigate your tires to make sure they have sufficient tread so they can grip slick roads. You’ll also want to monitor tire inflation as well. Keeping the tires properly inflated will help prevent a blowout.

Look out for critters

According to the IIHS, drivers are 3.5 times more likely to hit an animal in November — especially deer. So be extra cautious when driving on dark roads at night or during the dim hours of early morning, which is when many wild animals are most active.

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