New Mitsubishi Models for North America Announced

New Mitsubishi Models for North America

Over the course of the last few years, Mitsubishi has been slowly increasing its influence on the American car market. Now, on the heels of its first major profit in this market, the Japanese carmaker is looking to introduce new Mitsubishi models for North America, building on the company’s current momentum.

While there isn’t much information out yet about the exact types of models Mitsubishi will release, we do know that there will be two possible new entries as early as next year. One of these will be the long-awaited Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid crossover, a much needed entry in the hybrid segment. Another possible model is a sedan version of the Mitsubishi Mirage subcompact hatchback. The automaker is also considering a possible hybrid version of the Montero SUV, according to CEO Osamu Masuko.

Currently, Mitsubishi has seen an increase of 20 percent in North American sales with a sales target of 116,000 vehicles. With these types of numbers, it comes as no surprise that more models will arrive in our growing market soon.

What type of models would you like to see from Mitsubishi in the future? Share your thoughts with Mountaineer Mitsubishi below!

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