Revisited Mitsubishi Outlander SE Still Holding Strong on the Road

Outlander SE

It’s been a year since we first saw the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander SE S-AWC hit lots around the states, so it’s about time we see how it’s been holding up long-run. After all, the initial response at launch is always telling of what to expect of the car when you first buy it, but it’s the long-term assessments that really judge the quality of the car.

Motor Trend recently wrote about a revisited Mitsubishi Outlander SE and gave the vehicle a year’s end review. Fortunately, they’ve got good things to say about the car in the long run. While some of the safety alerts tested nerves (as is true of most safety alarms, as people with a fire alarm near their kitchen will tell you), the folks at Motor Trend were pleased with their overall functionality, especially in bumper-to-bumper commutes. The adaptive cruise control helped their driver overall with long-term travel as it made the drive a lot smoother.

The car’s speed and acceleration are stable and reliable without bringing too much noise to passengers. The Outlander SE can also get up to highway speeds and maintain them without the protest drivers can often hear in other cars. It also yielded an average 24.0 mpg fuel economy.

Mountaineer Mitsubishi has plenty of options for you if you’d like to revisit the Outlander for yourself – or perhaps check it out for the first time. For pricing options and more, visit us or contact us today!

Outlander SE

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