Check Out These Non-perishable Foods for Your Car That Will Keep in Summer

One practical way to prepare for an emergency – or maybe just a hungry stomach – is to stock your vehicle with non-perishable foods and water, in case you ever find yourself in a pinch.


However, during the summer months, warm weather can cause food to deteriorate or spoil faster, which is why it’s important to consider exactly which foods to pack, to avoid bugs and sickness.


Here is a solid list of non-perishable foods for you car that could last you all summer long:



And of course, don’t forget to keep some fresh, drinkable water on hand, both for drinking or potentially even to rinse out wounds. You’ll be glad that you have it!


For more safety and driving tips, or to start the season behind the wheel of a new model, visit us anytime at Mountaineer Mitsubishi.

Non-perishable Foods for Your Car

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