Mitsubishi Evo Crossover?

The Lancer Evo is dead after 2015, that’s nothing new, but what may come after is entirely a rumor but interesting nonetheless. After an incredible year of sales in 2014, there’s more room to play with the Mitsubishi lineup. From what we can tell, it looks like the next Evo may very well be a high performance crossover.

Let’s be clear here: the rumor of a Mitsubishi Evo crossover isn’t anything new, but after 2014, it seems all the more likely. The most likely candidate is the Outlander Sport (ASX in the United Kingdom). After the Outlander PHEV brought the automaker a 158% sales increase and a record sales year in the UK, a performance crossover may be the way to go.

Set to compete with the Audi RSQ3 and BMW X2 M, the rumored Evo crossover would roll with a hybrid powertrain and four wheel drive. If this comes to fruition, expect around 300 hp. At this point, it’s all just a rumor and Mitsubishi isn’t committing to anything.

“Ultimately it all comes down to the financial case for it and whether the company has the resources to do it,” said Lance Bradly, head of Mitsubishi UK.

We here at Mountaineer Mitsubishi aren’t sure of anything yet but we’ll keep you updated on the Mitsubishi Evo crossover!

Mitsubishi Evo Crossover

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