Check Out These Non-perishable Foods for Your Car That Will Keep in Summer

One practical way to prepare for an emergency – or maybe just a hungry stomach – is to stock your vehicle with non-perishable foods and water, in case you ever find yourself in a pinch.


However, during the summer months, warm weather can cause food to deteriorate or spoil faster, which is why it’s important to consider exactly which foods to pack, to avoid bugs and sickness.


Here is a solid list of non-perishable foods for you car that could last you all summer long:



And of course, don’t forget to keep some fresh, drinkable water on hand, both for drinking or potentially even to rinse out wounds. You’ll be glad that you have it!


For more safety and driving tips, or to start the season behind the wheel of a new model, visit us anytime at Mountaineer Mitsubishi.

Non-perishable Foods for Your Car

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Fun Road Trip Games for the Whole Family

Summer is on the horizon — as is that family vacation you’ve been planning. A lot of families choose to drive to their summer getaway instead of taking an airplane in order to save on costs and avoid the hassle of going through the airport. Unfortunately, that also means the kids will be spending a lot of time bored on the open road, and let’s be honest, driving on the highway for hours on end can get monotonous even without the little ones asking, “Are we there yet?” Check out these road trip games to help your family stay happy and entertained on your next long trip.


I Spy: Possibly the oldest game in the book, just about everyone knows the rules for I Spy. One person in the car picks a random thing that they see, and the other people in the car have to guess what it is based on hints that the chooser gives regarding the object’s color, location, or other descriptors.


While You Were Sleeping: When one person in the car falls asleep, everyone else in the vehicle has to take turns telling a story of something outlandish happening. When the person who fell asleep wakes up, everyone in the car has to work together to make them believe the story they invented while they were sleeping.


The Alphabet Game: Everyone takes turns finding words in the order of the alphabet, using billboards, business signs, and anything you can see on the road with words on it — license plates don’t count! The first person to get to the end of the alphabet wins.


There are plenty of other classic games that people can play — Punch Buggy (for a less violent variation, have players simply tap one another when they see a VW Beetle), 20 Questions, and any game where players are required to count how many of a specific object they see. You can also come up with your own road trip games if you’re feeling creative!

Road Trip Games

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How to Spring Clean Your Car’s Interior

Spring has finally sprung, which means it is finally time to head outside! However, before you do, you may want to consider cleaning the inside of your vehicle. Over the course of winter, plenty of dust and junk can accumulate in the interior cabin of your vehicle. In order to get rid of it all, follow these steps on how to spring clean your car’s interior.

Step 1: Brush the Vents

The heating vents in your vehicle are certainly used quite a lot during the winter. This also means that dust can accumulate inside the vents. Use a fine brush to clean out the crevices of your vehicle’s vents. Also, keep a vacuum nearby so that the dust doesn’t just float away to somewhere else!

Step 2: Clean Your Interior Windows

Most drivers remember to clean their outside windows. Unfortunately, many forget to clean the inside of the windows as well. Be sure that you do clean them, using a rag in a circular motion.

Step 3: Polish the Leather

Leather is a nice feature to have inside your vehicle’s cabin. Therefore, it is important to keep it looking nice. Using the right cleaners and a gentle hand, polish the leather surfaces of your car to make them look good as new.

Looking for more DIY and FAQ?

Clean Your Car’s Interior

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How to Clean Headlights That Have Lost Their Luster

Are your headlights becoming dull or yellowed? Not illuminating as much as they were before? Visibility when driving is extremely important, and properly working headlights can be the difference that saves you from a collision.


Here are some simple steps to follow, regarding how to clean headlights:


  • Before you get in there with harsh chemicals or anything strong, remove as much muck and grime as you can with simple glass cleaner.
  • If you plan to sand your headlights or use anything that could damage your vehicle’s paint, be sure to cover the paint with tape ahead of time.
  • Consider rubbing away the build-up on your headlights with sandpaper or a similar surface, which will no doubt make a serious difference.
  • Another DIY tip is to try cleaning your headlights with toothpaste containing baking soda.
  • Look into a quality polishing component and/or a UV sealant, to help protect your headlights once they’ve been cleaned.


For more tips and for your regular service needs, visit us anytime at Mountaineer Mitsubishi.

How to Clean Headlights

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How to Get Better Fuel Economy

Nobody likes to waste money and nobody likes filling up their car with gas. So, how can you save money and visit the gas station less often? The answer is simple. Just follow these steps to get better fuel economy. Not only will this help you save money and gas, but you’ll also be doing the environment a favor.

  • Drive the speed limit. While we might like to drive with a lead foot sometimes, it really doesn’t get us to our destination significantly faster. By driving the speed limit, you can save fuel and avoid getting a speeding ticket.
  • Get a tune up. Get your oil changed when it should be along with getting other routine preventative maintenance done on your car. This will keep your car running as efficiently as possible.
  • Check your tires. Most new cars come equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. If it lets you know your tire pressure is low, don’t wait too long to put air in the tires. This will not only help you drive more efficiently, but tires with too little air can be dangerous.
  • Do not idle. Turn off your car when you’re not actually driving. Idling the engine is a complete waste of gas.

Do you have any other fuel-saving tips to share?

get better fuel economy

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Tips To Handle Aggressive Drivers

When you get into a potential road rage incident, it can be easy to lose perspective, like any other time anger rears its ugly head. You, or another driver, can forget that your lives at risk. Is anything worth that?

Don’t let anyone pull you down to their level. To help you defuse a potentially dangerous situation, here are a few tips to handle aggressive drivers.

If another driver has become angry at you, they can feed off any sort of interaction. Making eye contact with them, or doing something as silly as a gesture, can quickly and dramatically escalate an already tense situation. It’s best to ignore them.

If the subject of the other driver’s anger is a parking space, tell yourself it’s not worth it. Because it isn’t!

If an angry driver is behind you on a multi-lane highway, resist the urge to participate in their games. Simply wait for a safe opportunity to get over and allow them to pass.

If it’s you who happens to be the one who has gotten all worked up, create a go-to routine when you get stressed. Try driving with the flow of traffic (in the slow lane, so to speak), listening to mellow music, and enjoying the views.

tips to handle aggressive drivers

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Happy National Car Care Month!

There are so many things to look forward to with the advent of spring. Warmer weather and family road trips may be high on the list, but did you know that April is also National Car Care Month?

So in honor of the spring season, here is a checklist to ensure your vehicle is ready to usher in this new season.

  1. Check all of the fluids. There’s something to be said about a well-oiled machine—it runs smoothly. So be sure to check your engine oil, power steering, brake, and transmission fluids to ensure the longevity of your vehicle.
  2. Check the hoses and belts for cracks, frays, or signs of excessive wear.
  3. Check the battery to ensure that the connection is free of debris, secure, and corrosion free.
  4. Check the pressure and tread of your tires as uneven wear may indicate the need for a wheel alignment.
  5. Check the wipers. Worn wiper blades should be replaced to ensure one can see clearly during the spring rains.

We at Mountaineer Mitsubishi wish our readers a safe and happy spring, and if you’d like a little help ushering your car into the season, don’t hesitate to contact our service department to get your vehicle back in tip-top shape.

National Car Care Month



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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Car Lovers

Soon, the snow will be melting, the buds will be sprouting on the trees, the birds will be singing and you’ll probably wait until the last minute to get your significant other something for Valentine’s Day.

But not if your better half is an automotive-nut, we hope. Here are a few Valentine’s gift ideas for car lovers.

For those rainy or snowy days when racing around town may not be all that fun or safe, get your car lover the latest racing video games. Gran Turismo 6 features cars modeled on real-world concept cars by automakers, for which your car lover may have a particular liking.

Racing-themed films always work too. You might want to check their DVD shelf first to make sure you don’t buy something that they already have. Days Of Thunder is a good one for NASCAR nuts. Senna is a great documentary about one of F1’s most renowned and accomplished drivers.

Tickets to a race will usually please any race car driving fans. The Sprint Cup comes to Richmond International Speedway in the Spring and in the Fall.

Lastly, at the very least, your automobile-enamored significant other needs to look cool when he or she is behind the wheel. And all that requires is a quality set of aviator-style Ray Bans.

valentine's day gift ideas for car lovers

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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Now that the New Year has arrived, many of us have set resolutions, or goals, for 2015. While this is a great idea, only 8% of people actually successfully reach their goals, according to the University of Scranton. To help you keep you New Year’s resolutions, here are a few simple tips.

  • Set progress goals instead of outcome goals. Instead of saying, “I want to lose 50 pounds,” set a goal along the lines of, “I will eat more vegetables and exercise five days a week.”
  • Make short-term goals towards your long-term goal. A year is a long time, try setting goals for each week or month. This will make your resolution more manageable.
  • Make time for your goal. If you want to learn a new skill, but don’t plan any time to take classes or study, then it won’t happen.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments. When you’ve made some progress on your goals, celebrate it. Just don’t make your reward counter to your ultimate goal (eating a whole chocolate cake when you’re trying to live healthier).
  • Modify your goals. If you’re finding yourself discouraged, you can always change your goals. If saving $100 a month is too much, cut it down to $75 or $50. You can always increase your goals again as you get better.

 If you’re looking for a resolution for your car, consider getting all of your scheduled maintenance done on time or driving within the speed limit. Did you set a New Year’s resolution for 2015?

keep your new year’s resolutions

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Five Simple Ways to Keep Your Car New for Longer

Winter is tough on our cars. Let’s not add to that stress by making silly (rookie) mistakes. Here are five things you can do to increase your car’s resale value, keep it in better shape for longer, and reduce maintenance costs along the way.

Start your car, and go.

No need to let it idle. Today’s cars are designed specifically so you don’t need to idle. If you leave your car idling for more than a few minutes, buildup can begin developing on your spark plugs, making them less efficient and will eventually waste gas.

Check your tires often.

Be sure to check your tire pressure and tread regularly. Tires that are too worn or improperly inflated can cause alignment issues and ultimately cause your car to drive less efficiently. In a worst-case scenario, your tires could blow out on the highway – a dangerous situation for you and those driving near you.

Go the speed limit.

Besides being the law, going the speed limit is actually good for your car. Crazy, right? Going too fast means that you’re more likely to hit your brakes hard, fast, and abruptly which wears your brake pads and tire tread more quickly.

Avoid riding the brake.

Just like slamming on the brakes often is tough on your car, so is riding them. Doing this also wears your brakes down for no good reason (and it’s annoying for those of us following behind you).

Park in the shade.

Allowing your car to bake in the sun too often will lead to discoloration and cracks in materials. If you can’t park in a garage or in the shade, invest in a set of sunshades to protect the interior of your car.

For more insight on keeping your car new, check out

Are you in need of a new car that you can keep new? Stop by Mountaineer Mitsubishi today!

keep your car new

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