Upcoming Mitsubishi Crossover EV Could Have 250-Mile Range

Mitsubishi Crossover EVElectric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular not only in America but also around the world, due to their incredible ability to skip gasoline altogether, saving drivers money and lowering their environmental impact.


So it comes as no surprise that Mitsubishi – environmentally conscious as they are – may be working on a new EV, which would reportedly be an all-electric compact crossover, potentially capable of a 250-mile range.


This means that the Mitsubishi crossover EV could travel for a full 250 miles on one, full electric charge, without ever having to stop for gasoline. And with today’s charging technology, we have to guess that it won’t take long at all for the vehicle to charge.


Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko brought up the car in a recent interview, where he said that it would hit the road within the next four years. We’re hoping to see it soon rather than later!


There’s no telling what the model would be like, outside of its electric capabilities, but many are guessing that it could be based on the Mitsubishi eX concept that was revealed last year.


For more information about what Mitsubishi is working on or to check out a current Mitsubishi model, contact us or visit us anytime at Mountaineer Mitsubishi.

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