How to Change Your Oil

We at Mountaineer Mitsubishi are here for you whenever you have a service need. We are also here for you if you want to learn more about servicing your own vehicle. Although some things should be left to expert mechanics, changing your oil is something that can be done fairly easily. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change your oil.

Step 1 – Buy/gather the supplies you need. This includes the motor oil, tools you may need, rags, draining pan, etc.

Step 2 – Prepare your vehicle. Park your car on a wheel ramp to allow better access underneath. After allowing your car to idle for a few minutes, turn it off and remove the oil cap from under the hood.

Step 3 – Drain the old oil. Unscrew the oil drain plug, making sure the pan is underneath to catch the oil as it drains.

Step 4 – Remove and replace the oil filter. Be careful to dump the oil from the old filter into the drain pan. Wipe down the area and screw in a new filter.

Step 5 – Add clean oil. Add the new oil using a funnel into the filler hole by the engine.

Step 6 – Properly dispose of the used oil. Oil is highly toxic, so be sure to find a place to properly dispose of the used oil.

If this sounds too daunting, no problem!  Just give us a call and we will gladly schedule a service appointment to change your oil.

How to Change Your Oil

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