Beat the EPA: Hypermiling Techniques

Some people are speed freaks. Other people are just frugal. And those slower people hypermile.

Hypermiling is simply a collection of techniques used to improve fuel efficiency. We’ve outlined a few hypermiling techniques below….

# 1 – Drive like you have all of the time in the world….

Speeding is the one thing you’ll have to give up when you hypermile. When you drive over somewhere around 60 mph (and it’s slightly different for each engine), your efficiency starts to go down exponentially.

Also, you want to find a balance between getting up to cruising speed as soon as possible while not accelerating excessively.

# 2 – I Brake For…Very Little.

Safety should be your priority so if you need to brake, by all means, brake, man, brake!. But to hypermile, you can’t brake excessively and unnecessarily because this requires additional acceleration. Use deceleration as often as you can too.

# 3 – Gamify it (yes, that is actually a word)

Gamifying means just what you think it does–turning an activity into a game with obstacles and goals. With hypermiling, the obstacles are speed limits and your desire to get somewhere on time. Your goal is to beat your previous mpg numbers.

So next time you are stuck behind someone going slow, don’t think about how they are wasting your time. Think about how much money they are saving you!

hypermiling techniques

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