Fun Road Trip Games for the Whole Family

Summer is on the horizon — as is that family vacation you’ve been planning. A lot of families choose to drive to their summer getaway instead of taking an airplane in order to save on costs and avoid the hassle of going through the airport. Unfortunately, that also means the kids will be spending a lot of time bored on the open road, and let’s be honest, driving on the highway for hours on end can get monotonous even without the little ones asking, “Are we there yet?” Check out these road trip games to help your family stay happy and entertained on your next long trip.


I Spy: Possibly the oldest game in the book, just about everyone knows the rules for I Spy. One person in the car picks a random thing that they see, and the other people in the car have to guess what it is based on hints that the chooser gives regarding the object’s color, location, or other descriptors.


While You Were Sleeping: When one person in the car falls asleep, everyone else in the vehicle has to take turns telling a story of something outlandish happening. When the person who fell asleep wakes up, everyone in the car has to work together to make them believe the story they invented while they were sleeping.


The Alphabet Game: Everyone takes turns finding words in the order of the alphabet, using billboards, business signs, and anything you can see on the road with words on it — license plates don’t count! The first person to get to the end of the alphabet wins.


There are plenty of other classic games that people can play — Punch Buggy (for a less violent variation, have players simply tap one another when they see a VW Beetle), 20 Questions, and any game where players are required to count how many of a specific object they see. You can also come up with your own road trip games if you’re feeling creative!

Road Trip Games

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