New Mitsubishi Concepts to Debut in Geneva

Mitsubishi hybrid vehicleMitsubishi has two new models to put on display at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show after bringing on new design head Tsunehiro Kunimoto, who left Nissan to pursue a career under Mitsubishi. The brand has already unveiled plans to rejuvenate its lineup by pursuing the crossover and SUV segment; Mitsubishi also revealed the eX electric SUV, which debuted in Tokyo late 2015. Now, two new Mitsubishi concepts are appearing in Geneva — a truck and a crossover.

A teaser image of both vehicles was posted to Mitsubishi’s website, but the picture itself is vague, showing both vehicles’ dark silhouettes against a dark background, with only the bright orange accents clearly distinguishable from the rest of the image. According to inside sources, the ASX crossover and L200 pickup are not meant to be production-ready, but are being referred to as “design studies” instead, though the lifecycle of the current ASX is drawing to a close and a new generation is expected to appear at any moment.

Either way, the introduction of new Mitsubishi concepts breathes new life into the idea that Mitsubishi is effectively restructuring the brand and pulling back the curtain for the public to see its progress so far. The ASX certainly also fits neatly into Mitsubishi’s plans to focus more strongly on SUVs and crossovers, while the L200 is an experimental surprise coming from a brand that is known for its sedans and SUVs.

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