2018: Mitsubishi Montero Return?

Mitsubishi is unleashing a couple new models in the United States market to keep its sales on the rise. One of the models is the refreshed Outlander Sport, which we’ve known about for a little while now. The second, however, looks like it will be a long-overdue replacement for the Montero.

Mitsubishi took the Montero off the North American lineup back in 2006, but it’s still available in Europe and Australia. The Mitsubishi Montero replacement in North America will be about the size of its predecessor but thanks to a more modern chassis and use of lightweight materials, it will be several hundred pounds lighter.

The Montero will maintain its off-road capability to appeal to buyers who need an SUV that can tow or head off paved roadways. The head of Mitsubishi Britain, Lance Bradley, stated that the Montero will be a more affordable alternative to the upscale Land Rover LR4. Engine options for the next Montero are looking like a V6 or plug-in hybrid with a turbo four and electric motor.

The Mitsubishi Montero return is scheduled to show up on lots and in showrooms in 2018. Mark your calendars!

We here at Mountaineer Mitsubishi are ecstatic to see a new full size Montero making its way into the Mitsubishi North America lineup!

Mitsubishi Montero return

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